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Random Question about designing parts

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    Hello all!

    So if I wanted to make and order a part to a device I am designing, where would I go to do that? I know this may seem like a weird question but here is my situation.

    My brother has two graphics cards in his computer and there is a VERY thin space between them, and because of that, they run hotter than normal. I am thinking that if I could somehow make and order my own heat-sink to put in between the cards and screw to the sides of the case, it could help dissipate the heat.

    Are there any companies where I could maybe send a mold of the part where they can cast the part with the proper material? It would be really neat if I could actually design the heat-sink instead of slapping together parts I find around the house.

    Does anyone know what I mean? I hope this makes sense!
    Thanks all!

    EDIT: I see a lot of videos of mini-engines people make them selves and I am thinking, "How do they get a cast of the block and all the other components!?"
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    If you're interested in this kind of stuff you might find a course in machine shop very exiting. Most of the guys on YouTube who make their own little engines have machine shop experience and access to a metal lathe and mill.

    Due to a man named Dave Gingery a lot of people are also now casting their own aluminum parts in the back yard with very cheap, home made equipment.

    I suspect all these people have found and ordered books from this company, which is a garage tinkerer's paradise:

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    Cool thanks! I'll look into it!
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