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Randomness of digits of irrational numbers.

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    How random are the digits of irrational numbers? Can it be said of them (i.e. pi=3.14159....) that given any arbitrarily long string of digits it must occur at some point in any irrational number? And would anyone know of anywhere I could find out more on this topic?
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    Except for a few "made up" examples that are defined by using random numbers, no one really knows. In particular it is not known whether [itex]\pi[/itex] or e or other familiar irrational numbers are "normal numbers": numbers such that every possible list of n numbers occurs, on average, 1/10n of the time: exactly what you would expect of a set of random numbers.

    It can be shown, however, that, in a very specific sense, "almost all" numbers are normal! For more information, look up "normal numbers".
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    Thanks a lot.
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