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Randomness the secret of everything

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    Is it yet possible to have an equation whose output is completely random?

    I know that programming random numbers on a computer is based on a seed (a current time stamp), and is not total random though it is sufficient for the job.

    I was thinking that if it were possible to create a program that generated a static plane of random numbers and then convert those numbers into something meaningful (images for instance), then wouldn't it be possible given enough time to find a picture of myself as a baby. If the numbers converted to video then we could watch Neil armstrong land on the moon. I could propose that an entire universe could be discovered within the randomness.

    Granted that any such discovery within a random sequence would be infinitesimally small.

    I find it fascinating that existence may just be random coincidence and has nothing to do with forces at all.
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    Simon Bridge

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    For existence and relation to randomness, see things like natural selection.
    Each decision restricts future choices. Fundamental forces guide the selection.
    So stuff like planets and stars are not all that unlikely.
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