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Ranking languages from high-level to low

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    How should I rank the following languages from low-level to high-level? Do I have the ranking right below?


    Additionally, where do sed/awk/grep fall in line?

    I'm interested in starting a project that goes through very basic functionality of those languages, starting with things like loops, graphing, etc. Then leading up to doing small example problems/programs then a few larger ones in all 6 of the languages to better show how they differ and which one may be better suited for whatever job.
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    Simon Bridge

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    There is no clear delineation between "levels" - the idea is informal.

    I'd have put the first three on the same level, and the last also on their own level.
    Languages that use compilers to make an executable are lower level than those that run in their own right under an interpreter.

    Below that you have assembly, then machine code.

    Note: Some people may put C# and C++ above plain C due to their support of object oriented stuff. It's a matter of the level of abstraction. Much as you may want to put Hex and DEC representations of machine code as higher than binary.
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