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I Re-derive the surface area of a sphere

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    Hey everyone,
    I've been stuck on this one piece of HW for days and was hoping someone could help me.
    It reads:
    The surface area, A, of a sphere with radius R is given by
    Re-derive this formula and write down the 3 essential steps. This formula is usually derived from a double integral over the polar angle φ and the azimuthal angle θ. Find it on the internet or look it up elsewhere.

    I have been searching and a vast majority of the explanations use the geometry to figure it out and I can't find ANY that have an explanation using the polar angle and azimuthal angle.
    Can anyone please help?

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    Have you looked at the Wikipedia page and the links there?
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    I have, but none of the explanations use the polar angle and the azimuthal angle.
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