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Re-naming Physics

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    I'm new here by the way :)

    What's the funniest name you can come up with for "Statistical Mechanics"? The name sounds boring, we need to find one that matches the great subject!

    For example, "Partition Magic" or "Thermodynamics 2.0" :D
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    How about"excrutiatingly tedious stuff which has something to do with numbers or things"?
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    "what's the chances this'll work 101"
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    Chuck it in there.Seriously though its a nice subject,I have just forgotten it.On second thoughts I never knew it. What is it?I cant even spell it.
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    How about "on the consequences of the central limit theorem for non-quantum slow dynamics" ?

    Seriously though, imagine for a second that during decades, you've been doing classical mechanics in the morning, and statistics in the afternoon. For you, those two activities are completely unrelated, but it so happens that you are quite familiar with them. Well, I am quite sure you would be excited to discover something called "statistical mechanics". And BTW, it is quite an appropriate name.
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    I loved statistical mechanics...it rocks!! And it's a great name too. Who cares if no one outside of physics knows it's thermo....shhh, it's our little secret!
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    I didn't like Thermo but loved stat mech :confused:. I don't know if I could come up with a new name for it though.
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    New name suggestion:

    Statistical Mechanics -> Orgiastics (the study of many weakly/strongly interacting bodies)
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