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Reaction molar composition

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    Hi guys,
    I'm facing a problem.
    I've read a paper where they tried to synthesise a crystal and they give the following reaction mixture molar composition:
    3.0 SiO2
    1.0 Al2O3
    0.1 NaCl
    276 H2O

    What does it means?
    It can't be the molar fraction since the sum of all the fraction must give 1 as result.
    I guess that it should be the mol of each compound in solution, but that means that they have almost 5 L of water.... am I right?
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    That's how I would read the information.

    No idea why they reported it this way, perhaps that's a convention used in such papers.
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    So can I take such values as a ratio??

    I mean: 3.0:1.0:0.1:276

    So if I fix a volume of 250 ml of water which means 13.877 mol, I need to divide the mols for 276 and then multiply for the ratio.
    i.e. for Al2O3 --> 13.887*(1/276) and for NaCl 13.887*(0.1/276)
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    Looks OK.
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