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Real life examples

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    What are some real life examples or consequences of quantum theory?
    I.E-new technologies... and such.
    Paden Roder
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    The transistor, which almost all modern electronics are based upon, is one of the most important examples.
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    The laser and the SQUID, for two more. All of modern chemistry (students who take high school chemistry get more quantum mechanics than those who take high school physics).
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    (that's solid-state electronics; the valves etc are pure classical physics)

    Other examples: diode laser (e.g. in your CD player), superconductors (so MRI equipment, for example), CCDs (e.g. your digital camera), SQUIDs, ...
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    I suppose the Scanning Tunnelling Microscope is an excellent application how one uses the quantum tunnelling effect.
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    How about Photonic Crystals. They can be used to make surface-emitting quantum-cascade lasers.
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