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Reality in an objective sense

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    Reality has connotations of a subjective experience to it. In defining reality; the ultimate reality will be the ultimate source of causation of all of the reality that we see today.

    By paradox I mean as the paradoxes associated with quantum mechanics. Whatever drives the nature of things, the physical laws has to be an "ultimate" force. That is it cannot fail. Nothing "owns" this force and it can exist within itself, it does not "need" anything. A paradox is inherent within itself. All logical conclusions are interdependent on others and ultimately to a paradox. A paradox is a representation of an ultimate logical conclusion; no further derivation will be required simply because no further derivation can be achieved, it is the ultimate end, the ultimate reality because it has to be. I short, I can say that a paradox is a concept that our minds can use to concieve of the characteritic nature of what the ultimate explanation or source of reality is.

    The "forces" that fuel the nature of things is a paradox. Paradox is a conceptualization of force.

    God is a force, a paradox.
    I apologize if my english is difficult to understand.
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    QM is just math.

    Math logic does not have to coincide with "human logic" (the one which is obtained from limited everyday experience of "average" human).

    So, when math logic does not coincide with "human" logic, then we call such non-coincidence by a word "paradox".

    Change your logic.
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    Quantum Mechanics is more than just math, it is the name we apply to a way of describing nature. Geometry is more than just math, it a word that we apply to a way of describing nature. Mathematics is more than just manipulating numbers and symbols, it is a word we apply to a way of describing nature. If any of these had no connection whatsoever to nature they would not exist.
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