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Recomended differential topology books

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    I want to study differential topology by myself,
    and i am looking for a clear book that emphesizes also the intuitive aspect.
    I will be grateful to get some recommendations.
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    Milnor, Topology from a differentiable viewpoint. Guillemin and Pollack, Differential Topology.
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    agreed. the milnor book is by the master, and the gp book is written for advanced undergrads.
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    Milnor's book indeed. As with all of Milnor's books the proofs are deceptively simple. Watch out.
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    Thank's a lot
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    Milnor's book is good but I think you will get more out of his expositions if you have a background in manifold theory and real analysis. You may compose reading differential topology with milnor's morse theory book for instance and then it will be much more meaningful I think.
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