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Recommend topic about magnetic confinement in fusion

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    Am going to write a scientific report about nuclear fusion related to magnetic confinement in ITER. Please recommend me aspects worth writing and having many materials. Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What research and reading have you done already? What does your outline look like so far? What things are special about ITER compared to past magnetic confinement systems and other experiments going on now?
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    One could use the Search feature to search the PF Nuclear Engineering forum for "ITER", or "fusion". There are a number of threads that address ITER or fusion, and one could ask questions about specific points.
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    Thx for your attention. I have read how the tokamak works and briefly read something about heat flux in first wall and divertor. I have not read much in terms of your last question.
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    Thx a lot.
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    The ITER Physics Basis https://fusion.gat.com/iter/iter-ga/iter_physics.html may be a good place to start. The first chapter is gives you a brief overview of various issues in magnetic confinement relevant to ITER. Each of the subsequent chapters addresses each on of the issues in much more detail. Depending on your current level of education these chapters may be too technical. But I think the overview is fairly accessible.

    The ITER Physics Basis was published in 1999, and a lot of progress has been made since then and some of the information is outdated. There is a updated series of papers "Progress in the ITER Physics Basis" that was published as a special issue in the Journal Nuclear Fusion Vol 46, #6 (2007) [[http://iopscience.iop.org/issue/0029-5515/47/6 ]. This issue is behind a paywall, but if you're a university student you can probably get access through your library.

    The has been a lot of progress in the 10 years that has passed since the "Progress in the ITER Physics Basis" was published. Unfortunately there hasn't been a Progress in the Progress in the ITER Physics Basis. I might be able to suggest a couple of more recent papers if there's a subject that you find particularly interesting.
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    Thank you for your helpful advice. I would like to know more about magnetic confinement in fusion but there are many aspects which made me not know which one is more suitable to write and has abundant useful material to read.
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