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Recommendation for mechanics software

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    I have little experience of mechanics and I need to simulate an iron cylindrical cantilever beam with a length of 160mm and diameter of 36mm. I need to find the points on the beam where I can place a full-bridge strain gauge circuit and get the strongest signal. Ideally I want to have an actual image of the beam with coloured gradient areas on the beam like the attached jpeg.

    Thanks in advance.

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    A strain gauge will measure strain at the surface of the beam, so since strain is related to stress you just need to place the gauge where the stress is the highest- in the case of a cantilever beam at its base close to the attachment point.

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    You can use ANSYS to model and insert loads on your prescribed beam and get results showing stress and strains. But as Mech_Engineer said, for cantilever beams, it's pretty evident where the stress is highest i,e the point where it is affixed to.
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