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Recommendations for book for elementary particle physics

  1. Mar 8, 2014 #1
    Hello all, I'm going to begin a PhD program in the fall and likely will be doing research in the world of particle physics. I'm a little rusty on the topic though as my undergrad research experience has been astrophysics, and I did not get a chance to take any classes related to the field other than modern physics.

    Could anyone recommend a good book to learn some intro level information? I need a good self study book, not a reference book (cough Weber & Arfken cough). Any help is appreciated!!
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    Halzen and Martin, "Quarks and Leptons". It's available in PDF several places on the web.
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    If you are looking for some phenomenology (just a review of particle phenomena with a very superficial introduction to the theory) you could also take a look at: A. Bettini - Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics.
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    Alessandro Bettini, "Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics" and
    Martin, B.R. Shaw, G., "Particle Physics"
    are both good and should be at your level

    Also, check around the web- quite a few university level introductory courses have lecture notes and slides, exercises and solutions, exams and solutions, and various other material readily available.

    And Future Learn is giving an online course from the University of Edinburgh, "The Discovery of the Higgs Boson," that seems like a good introduction to the Standard Model.
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    Bettini's book is awesome for phenomenology.

    If you need a fresh-up regarding theory I would recommend "Physics from Symmetry"
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