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Reconfiguring your Biological Clock

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    I'm not sure where this thread should actually belong, either in General Discussion or here, but I'll post it here and leave the mods to move it if it's inappropriate.

    I'm an engineering student in my first year. I find that I am most productive and and best able to concentrate at night. And not just at any time of night, but like around 11pm to 2am. While I suppose plenty of people here probably have the same preference, I find that this is actually counterproductive to my learning and studying habits.

    I am usually very sleepy in the morning, when most lectures are held, and only improve slightly in the afternoon, when both lectures and tutorials for me are conducted. I would like to maximise my learning and absorbency during these daytime hours, but this runs counter to my biological clock. I wonder if any of you have had any experience and success in rewiring your biological clock from night to day or vice versa? How could such possibly be done?

    And more importantly, how long does it take for your newly oriented biological clock to stabilise?
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    For a time I became interested in lucid dreaming (gaining consciousness while dreaming), and researched the various substances that increase the chances of becoming lucid. I noted that most items I found info about were commonly used to eliminate jet lag and "reset one's biological clock," so to speak. These drugs are melatonin and valerian root. Both of which can be found at any pharmacy or supplement store. Melatonin is a hormone released naturally by the body, and valerian root is the extract from a type of weed, I believe. I take both regularly, and have found that when I take them with a full (7 to 8 hour) night's sleep, I feel great the next day, and can easily stay attentive from 8 AM to midnight. Also, these drugs are non-habit forming.

    So my advice would be to set a bedtime for yourself, take these two supplements, and be sure to get plenty of sleep. If you get tired during the day, have a caffeinated drink. It works for me, so maybe it would work for you.

    Of course, it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor before you start taking any sort of supplement.
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