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Red Shift caused by space itself ?

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    "Red Shift" caused by space itself ??

    Perhaps the distant objects are not receding at all.
    If "space" is not empty, but rather is a complex structure,
    probably containing energy which can be released (wouldn't
    we just love to know how), then as light "waves" - I prefer
    to call them emanations - proceed through vast tracts of
    structured "empty" space, perhaps the light is "tugged" by
    the structure. This tugging would affect the red end of the
    spectrum more than the UV end... thus causing a red shift.
    N'est-ce pas ?

    This structure of "empty" space can be shown capable of
    producing opposite particles under stress.
    That is... apply force to the structure and out pop particles-
    albeit ones which "cancel" each other out, it is true.

    If space can be distorted (by massive objects) then it must have
    some kind of structure.
    If there was literally nothing there, it could not be "bent" (as
    in Einstein's "rubber sheet" example of orbits.
    N'est-ce pas ?

    Ergo, light passes through a structure that could impede its progress
    or distort its progress.
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    Let me get this right....

    Are you saying that space is expanding and the objects arent actually tavelling away, or that space isnt expanding and it jsut affects light to make it appear as though space is expanding?! Because if its the first one, you shouldnt be on these forums!!! If it's the second one.... very unlikely
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