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Redox rxns

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    I was taught in high school that all reactions are governed by the valence electrons. of the atoms involved.

    Then I was taught that the term "redox reaction" applied only to rxns where e- were exchanged, or oxidation numbers were changed.

    But the first fact would lead me to believe that all rxns had to be redox. Why else would rxns occur if the electron configurations didn't get to become more stable?

    Can anyone think of any rxns that aren't redox?

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    Acid-base reactions are not redox reactions, as an example.
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    then why do they even happen?
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    Read about chemical bonds. Some units are ions, charged units which fit with eachother because of opposite charges attracting. In ionic rearrangement reactions, ions regroup to be associated with other ions. Oxidation-Reduction reactions happen differently. Charges change during the reaction.
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    ooohhh k
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