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Redshift 9, oldest galaxies seen yet

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    great. (of course must be cautious with first report and wait to see if confirmed....but looking good)

    galaxies from when the universe was only half a billion years old

    SciAm has this

    Dan Stark of Caltech led the team that found them.
    they were using Keck II
    Another team member is Richard Ellis.

    The paper just appeared in Astrophysical Journal vol 663 pages 10-28
    there is no preprint as yet on arxiv

    they took advantage of GRAVITATIONAL LENSING acting as a magnifying glass, which extended their range.
    they found these dim little blobs behind a nearby massive cluster which served as their lens.

    the blobs are called Abell 68 c1 and Abell 2219 c1

    these are small galaxies less than 1/100 the size of Milky
    If they turn out to be really z = 9 or so, then they would have been involved in end of dark ages.
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