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Reflection intensity

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    If monochromatic light of the same amplitude is shown on a closed hollow black box and a closed black box filled with iron, will there be a difference in the intensity of light that is reflected back due to differences in the absorption of light in the two boxes?
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    I'm not sure I follow. If the boxes are closed, how does light have access to what's inside ?
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    I think he is asking is would the fact that there is iron in one of the boxes, versus a hollow box, affect how the box absorbs the light that is being shown on the outside. If the box is black doesnt it absorb all the light anyway?
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    A "perfect black", by definition would absorb all light- but, of course, there no such thing in the real world. However, reflection of light is determined by the surface properties. What is "inside" the box has nothing to do with it.
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