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Relationship + School = ?

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    Currently in 2nd semester electronics engineering, last semester I ended a 6 year relationship (I'm 25) I was thinking of trying not to get on a new relationship while I studied my career to focus just on school for now, what are your thoughts on this? I was studying graphic design/working and had time for school and girl with that career, but engineering is more demanding and I don't see myself doing both as of now. Any experiences to share? Thanks :)
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    Simon Bridge

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    Don't try to get into a new relationship - you will be experiencing the effect a breakup can have on your grades already. However - don't actively resist it either - in general, relationships find us no matter what we do. Resisting a new romance as it presents itself can also be bad for your grades.

    Just be honest with your next prospective partner about where your priorities lie - there is a chance you'll end up with someone with similar priorities and then your relationship will reinforce your study ;)
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    When I was in upper division physics I made a conscious decision to not date. Given the demands on my time, I could barely maintain a friendship.
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    Thanks, I think I will not actively look for a relationship, I'm still feeling the effects of the breakup after 5 months but it has been getting better. I'm not in a position to waste any time either since I'm 25 and in 2nd semester in college, I have a long way to go :)
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    You're probably gonna be and engie, so try to focus on study but keep your social life healthy. Studying is not about books or grades, it's about learning, and our brain need time to absorb information and time to don't think about this.
    I'm a physics and I know that I'm gonna spend the rest of my life studying. So, if I can't manage a relationship in grad school how am I going to get married with a Ph.D.? Get it? Probably when you get you diploma and go to work on the 'real' world you're gonna be more busy than know. I think the whole point is equilibrium.
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    I got you Rolen, as independent as I think I'am socially I do need to spend my time with family and friends to balance my life. It helps in your student life to take care of the other areas in your life. Thanks for the advice.
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    If you feel that you don't have time, I suggest focusing on your studies for now. Don't burn yourself out, take at least a day for rest. I do insist that you to at least maintain your social circle and physical well being at the very least, whenever possible. There isn't anything wrong with getting yourself into a relationship, if the dynamics of the relationship allows you time to study (i.e. your partner understands your time constraints and is patient with it).
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