Remote Internet voting security flaw?

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Hi guys,

Traditional voting via paper ballots at polling stations, meant that each individual was free to vote for his candidate in complete privacy. A father could vote for a separate candidate and a son for another candidate. So I was wondering is there any way in which to ensure similar privacy when using Internet voting as well ? Or will that then depend on the voter to ensure that he is in a 'private' environment?

I understand its probably not big of an issue since at worst one would vote in front of friends and family...but doesnt it regardless prove a security flaw in internet voting?




Wrichik Basu

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Security over the Internet is through https and user certificates, which ensure a secure and private connection. The organisation who has organised the voting has to ensure that there are no trackers in their site, and the connection to each end user is private. But the rest depends on the user. It is upto him whether he would vote in front of friends and family, or vote in privacy. That's something I don't consider a flaw of voting over the Internet.

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