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Removal of air from water using Henry Law

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    Okay, I am doing a design project which needs to extract air out of water. Here is the situation.

    Using Henry's law, an Israeli Inventor Bodner used a centrifuge which rotates rapidly thus creating under pressure inside a small sealed chamber containing sea water thus extracting the air out of the water.

    The following link shows an article of this process.

    I was planning to use his method to extract the air out, however the size of the centrifuge which is about 12" diameter, 20" height is way too big and bulky for my design. Therefore I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a method to replace the centrifuge to a smaller equipment which can yet perform the same function.

    As I am not a Physics person, I am very grateful to those who have helped. Do advice me on your take for this process.
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    Are you trying to remove the air from the water? Or are you trying to recover the air from the water for some other use. If you just want to deaerate the water bubble pure nitrogen through it or add sodium sulfite to it.
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    Its actually meant for a scuba system. Hence I was planning to use that to convert sea water to air which includes about 64% N2, 34% O2 and 1.5% CO2. Following which, Carbon dioxide would be removed and the remaining air would be transmitted to the divers.
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