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Removing/creating phase lag or lead in circuit

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    My square wave is lagging/leading the sine wave (depending how you interpret it). i want to make the transition of my square wave be at 0 deg for the sine wave. right now the square wave transitions at 130 deg of the sine wave

    how can i shift this so that it transitions only at 0 deg or 360 deg. is there some things you can do in the circuit?

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    We would need to know the nature of the circuit -- what the waveform generation circuit looks like, and what the load is for each waveform.
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    one is a sine wave
    the other is a square wave.
    at the rising edge of sine, i want the square to rise too.
    right now, as the square wave rises, the sine wave is at 124deg (ie decreasing)

    the load? comes out from an op-amp, just resistors to gnd

    between, i generated the sine from a clock oscillator, filter it out to get the sine. any other easier way? I need to generate something around 100kHz and the controller i am using now is not capable of putting out a DAC that will go that fast.
    also are there any chips to clean up my square that will put out +- Vout much like a schmitt trigger only capable of putting out -ve Vout

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