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Repair Outlook Express dbx file

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    has a sent items.dbx file which is about 400 over MB.. when open it, there is only a few emails with the file size quite small. any recommended free software if preferably to repair the dbx file?
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    It's not clear what the problem is from your post.
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    @Susana Castillo - I was asking the OP to provide some additional information to see if they would respond. As you have seen today, there are several posts on the forum about this and similar Outlook issues. However, very often the OP never provides much information and doesn't even return to see the answers to their questions. If you click on antonyfx09mh's name, you will see that he created an account on Oct. 27, asked this single question and never returned. This is typical of the Outlook recovery questions.
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    This appears to have been spam. There were several hit-and-run posts, 1-2 months old, which all of a sudden were all answered today by the same person.

    Thread closed.
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