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Resolution of eye

  1. Apr 16, 2006 #1
    hey how would you work out resolution of an human eye at defeerent distances looking at 2 lines 0.25mm apart?

    cheers alex
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    I guess you just vary the distance of your eye to the two lines, starting from a point where you can see the 2 lines distinctly. The exact point where the two lines seem to merge and you cannot see the space between them, you note this distance ,d. Since d is very large compared to the width, the angle between the 2 lines is approx (sin(a) = 0.25/d)

    The angular resolution of the eye would therefore be (a) That is, you can only see distinctly a width that sweeps out an angle (a) or more from where you are standing.

    hope this helps.
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    if you want the resolution in terms or the actaul width of the object you are observing, it is width= (distance of your eye to object) x sin(a) which you found earlier.
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    Eye resolutions for various animals.

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    ne1 kno much about resolution when u change the lux in the surroundings?
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    Unfortunately, my eye resolution isn't good enough for me to read that. :frown:
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