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Resources for visual learners

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    I learn rapidly in physics and biology but there are a lot of areas in chemistry that I struggle with like mad because everythings explained so abstractly and theres no way to visualize whats going on. Can anyone recommend a good book which has visual representations of whats going on in all the various categories of chemical reactions.

    Whats really grinding my gears at the moment is the various types of reductions. What in the name of god is a catalytic hydogenation? I've read some explanations of it but they haven't been enough for me to be able to visualize the concept. Without visualizing the concept I don't know what the hell its all about.
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    If you want to understand catalysts, maybe you need to wait until Physical Chemistry or maybe Inorganic Chemistry. As for redox, your best learning will come during laboratory exercises and your textbook for Quantitative Chemistry/Quantitative Analysis. A good textbook will at least have good diagrams, well labeled. You will see some of this in General Chemistry, but some of the development is more detailed in the Quantitative course.
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