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News Resources on Politics and World Affairs

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    I thought that it would be a good idea to share the web resources people on this forum use to get news. You can also post non-"web resources" but seeing that it is obvious we all have access to the internet, web resources are guaranteed to be available to everyone (unless one is in China). Personally, I only get news and political analysis from the web because I live in a dorm without subscriptions to newspapers or cable tv (I could go to the library, but I don't). Anyways, here are some of the sites I visit regularly:

    General News:

    http://marston.blogspot.com/ (law commentary and links on a variety of nations - mostly the US and Germany)
    http://www.tomburka.com/ (this site is political satire - I do not consider it a news source, but it is rather funny)
    http://thismodernworld.com/ (one of my favorite leftist comics, has a blog on the site)

    Slanted Commentary:
    http://www.thenation.com/ (Unconventional Wisdom Since 1865)

    Well, it is no secret that I lean to the left. You?
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    Love for forums is identical to love for children. You dont love one less if another comes along, you love them both equally, and the total love grows.
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    Forums? Yes...

    http://www.upsizethis.org/forum/index.php [Broken]

    Upsize is a political/social issue oriented forum. I'd say that most members are social democrats and left libertarian, but there are several that are more conservative. There are some truly wonderful people here. This fourum is moderated. You must register to post.

    And the there's the Mad Guerrilla...

    http://www.forums.madguerillabrigade.com/index.php?s= [Broken]

    This is a social forum. It can be quite funny. There is a place to discuss serious issues, but most of the conversation is in the say anything forum. WARNING: This place is not for the thin skinned, the feint hearted, or the innocent. Newbies are occasionally run over by the welcome wagon and then eaten. There are moderators here, but they don't inhibit free speech.

    Tell 'em I sent you. It won't save you but I'll get some points for the store.
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    The Aussie Anarchists Weekly Bible:

    http://home.vicnet.net.au/~anarch/ [Broken]

    Most articles are written by Dr Joseph Toscano/Libertarian Workers For A Self-Managed Society.
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    That CIA site is teriffic, too bad the neocons used "Team B" instead of real intelligence, s/a
    just where did they think those 3.5 million guys were going to dissappear to?
    anyway, I like the daily mirror:
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    http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/inside/about.html [Broken] that looks pretty cool, there's an article about the growing crime crisis from cutting cops ("Homeland Security Guards").
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    I've recently found a few mailed to me by a "Military Families Speak Out" member, and I think they're excellent:
    http://electroniciraq.net/news/1274.shtml [Broken]
    http://www.uuiraq.org/english/who.html [Broken]
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    When you are interested in real pressnews photo's on Iraq : http://uk.news.yahoo.com/iraq_photos5d.html [Broken]
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