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Retro-Engineering Or Reverse-Engineering

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    Retro-Engineering ... Or ... Reverse-Engineering ... !!!

    My question is: The use of the Term " Retro-Engineering " is " Legal", I know it does mean " Reverse-Engineering " ... But my question goes further more than that, in case if we use it as an experience through our Resumes ... !!! What kind of ideas does reflects, when they know that person worked in that field for a company of “Manufacturing Machines, Instruments and Devices" ...!!! ... I would like to share this matter with you, and I prefer the answer to be specifically (Inside the US.)... If it's legal or not ... !

    It's all about how to express my experience in the field of Manufacturing Machines ...

    Thanks ...
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    Re: Retro-Engineering ... Or ... Reverse-Engineering ... !!!

    Perhaps your question is not translating well into English, but the term "Reverse Engineering" would not be something that I would put on a resume. At least not here in the US. It is generally associated with the theft of intellectual property, which will not endear you to most engineering companies here.
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    Re: Retro-Engineering ... Or ... Reverse-Engineering ... !!!

    I don't know, all major car companies do this. For example, Ford will buy a BMW that competes with them and strip it down to every last nut and bolt to determine how the car was built. It's standard practice to get a competitive edge - and perfectly legal.
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    Re: Retro-Engineering ... Or ... Reverse-Engineering ... !!!

    It's legal until you infringe on intellectual property laws.
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    Re: Retro-Engineering ... Or ... Reverse-Engineering ... !!!

    I had a coop at a major car manufacturer and they mentioned this practice. It would take the better part of a year for a sizable team. Every single nut is measured and redrawn, every contour is scanned...it's quite the effort from what I gather.
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    Re: Retro-Engineering ... Or ... Reverse-Engineering ... !!!

    I Apprecaite your time, and thanks for your comments and answers ...

    I would like to learn more and I would like to find the " proper word ", for using it by my resume, because I was a Machine Component, Dies and Mould Designer for that company.

    I was working for that company and they were manufacturing machines, depending on other designs, made by various countries ( Korea, China, Australia ... etc. ) ...
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    Re: Retro-Engineering ... Or ... Reverse-Engineering ... !!!

    Reverse Engineering in the metrology world refers to using a coordinate measuring machine to take data points on a manufactured part and create a 3D CAD model from the data. This action saves hundreds of hours for the person in the CAD department. Imagine the requirement of converting a sepia ( engineering print) to CAD for a part that has been manufactured for years. If your were making aircraft engines and wanted to convert older models that had no CAD models, it would be a long process...hence the practice of reverse engineering..and this process could be used to " steal" a design , as well. but humans are involved and there is always this liability.
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