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REU Positions?

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    How difficult is it to obtain an REU position, do you need to be at the top of your class? How far into your degree must you be?

    Here's an example of what I'm talking about: http://www.physics.wsu.edu/reu.htm [Broken]

    Do all REU positions have such good 'benifits'?

    EDIT: Also does anyone know of a site that lists REU positions.
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    I STRONGLY disagree. Last summer I applied to 12 programs and was accepted into only one of them. I have a very good GPA in my major (>3.9), and had good letters. Of course, I was only a sophomore with no research experience, but even for juniors, it's tough, but not impossible.

    Apply early and apply to as many as you can. (There is no application fee for these.) Also, don't limit yourself too much in area. The farther you are willing to go from home, the more possible programs you have to apply to. Remember that many of these programs will subsidize travel to some extent if it is needed. Good luck, Hellical!
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    G01, were the universities you applied to pretty prostegious?
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    They were not crappy schools, but they were not all Ivy League either. I applied to MIT, but I assumed I wasn't getting in there!:rolleyes:

    I also applied to Bucknell University (PA), Lehigh University (PA), University of Indiana, University of Rochester, Boston University, among others.
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