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Homework Help: Rocket question

  1. Nov 6, 2005 #1
    Ok here's a question i had for homework, but i am having some trouble with it:

    a rocket is fired from rest with an acceleration at=22.8m/s at an elevation angle of theta=62.4. the rocket travels in a straightline for 8.95 seconds, when the fuel runs out. at this time it becomes a projectile and falls back to the ground. fill in the tables

    they ask for:


    total horizontal verticle

    vi vi vi
    vf vf vf
    d d d
    a a a
    t t t

    and they ask for


    up down horizontal

    my answers were

    total horizontal verticle

    vi 0 vi 0 vi 0
    v 204.06 vf 159.18 vf 147.18
    d 913.17 d 809.25 d 423.07
    a 22.8 a 20.2 a 10.6
    t 8.95 t 7.9 t 4.2

    i got these answers by using the pythagorean theorem and using the vf=vi+at formula. if these are right could you tell me, if not tell me what i was doing wrong. after i get to projectile it is easy but i think i made a mistake. would the time be the same for all?
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