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Rumor about physics major, is it true?

  1. Aug 30, 2005 #1
    Hey guys,

    I am currently a EE major. I have heard from friends and professors that while selecting candidates for MS/PhD, some EE professors tend to prefer physics students over EE students. The reason being that physics people, on average, are more hard-working people. Is this anywhere near true?

    The reason that I'm asking this is because I like physics (even though I am an EE). However, I dont have enough passion to go completely physics. I am more into the applications of physics in the electronic fields. If the rumor is true, then I would seriously consider getting a BS in physics then a MS/PhD in EE. Is this a realistic path? Has anyone heard of people doing this?

    plz pardon me if any of my sentences sound awkward (English is not my native language) :smile:

    P.S: I've been taking phyics major physics courses (instead of engr major phys) so far. So, don't worry about me not being able to survive in phys major :smile:

    By the way, for grad school, I wanted to go somewhere East Coast (US). I always wanted to live in a place that has snow :rofl:
    The field that I'm interested is the solid state branch of EE. Any suggestions? :smile:

    thx for the response
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    yes we work so much harder and are 100x more bright. I know I belive it.

    hahahahaha nope first time I heard that one =)
    Tell ya a tale that einstien once said There are two things in the universe that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity and I am not sure about the latter
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    You mean the former....
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    haha, i'm kinda surprise that no one heard of it :eek:

    I'm guessing that one possible reason might be that alot of the EE professors are actually physics major :smile: maybe this is why they wanted phy students more
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    I have heard that most math professors favor members of the United church of the flying spaghetti monster, because they are funnier. Any truth to this?

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    i'm guess cuz phys student pull higher grades..but most eng have absurd timetables.
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    wanna see laziness? Come to the physics undergrad study room at my university!

    Just today one of hte graduate students was talking about this one physicist from Cambridge that studied physics 6 out of 7 days. He then goes "I'm lucky if I can squeeze in.....1 day of physics".

    Then he asked if someone would go teach his lab for him :rofl: :rofl:
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    Absolutely not true AT ALL.
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    yeah, EE majors work hard for their money. so they better treat you right.
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    It sounds like a rumor to me. At my university, the average EE student needs to work as hard or harder than his or her Physics counterpart. The same might not be true for your university, however.
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    My physics instructor last year was kinda like that. At the start of the quarter he said "I'm trying to teach you how to be scientists. We'll discuss topics in the news, whatever you want... and them maybe 10% physics, how's that?"

    Of course, it wasn't really 10%. It was more like 11%.

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