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News Saddam was captured by Kurds, not US

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    Their editor did a poor job. (Emphasis is mine)

    [q]Saddam was betrayed to the Kurds by a member of the al-Jabour tribe [B}whose daughter was "defiled"[/B] by Uday, the report quoting a senior British military intelligence officer said.

    The tribe threatened to take revenge. As soon as he heard the news, Saddam visited the family of the dead man and paid them 7 million pounds in blood money with the chilling warning: "If you try to take revenge you will force me to wipe out the al-Jabour tribe."


    I think they started with a fake story about a murdered son, then changed it to a "defiled daughter", but forgot to change it everywhere.

    EDIT- I see, the husband gets shot 3 paragraphs later. Bad writing, not necessarily bad fakery.

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