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Sample exam paper (intro to EEing)

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    Hey guys,

    I have a problem in that I am just out of hospital after having to get a lungs transplant (i have cf). Anyway, i was not expecting it till next year but it came up suddenly and has messed up my studying. My college are willing to be flexible with me and have informed me that I have an exam coming up on tues.

    I have a sample of last year's paper,which is very short. They dont give u the answers to it so am worried like hell incase i fail the paper. if someone could basically answer a few questions, then id be comfortable with my own calculations and know i wason the right track.

    i appreciate all help greatly.


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    We don't hand out answers here. We'll help nudge you toward the right answeres after you've shown us what you have tried, but that's as far as we go.
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    ok mate ill hand it what i think is right in coming day or so
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