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Saturday Puzzle!

  1. Oct 4, 2014 #1
    Hey all,

    I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself by providing you with a nice puzzle to solve.


    Answers to be sent with reasons!


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    Good luck!
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    A) seems to fit the best, as every darkened triangle seems to move only to an adjacent triangle.
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    None, the puzzle is ill-posed. In the first image the upper darkened triangle moves (folds) down then in the second the left one moves to the right to create the third. The fourth image should display where the lowermost triangle moves to. There is no image to show that.
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    The last picture has 2 triangles. All the others have 3. There's no way to know how to go from 3 to 2. Can they stack? Can they move off the picture?
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    I assumed they can stack.
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    My guess is A. That one has most things in common with adjacent, 3rd and 5th figures, in the sequence. Choices B,C,D,E have no black elements in common with 5th figure.
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    I haven't solved it, but I noticed it creates the false impression that only one triangle moves in going from one figure to the next. You can actually arrive at figure two from figure one by moving three triangles, and you can get from two to three by moving two triangles. This might mean that theres a repeating pattern of 3 moves followed by 2 moves.
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    You can get from A to the last figure in two moves (assuming stacking is allowed), and you can get from three to A in 3 moves.

    If stacking isn't allowed, you can still get from A to the last in two moves, one of those two moves being to flip the extra triangle off the 'board'.

    I think this is it: with a repeating pattern of 3 moves: 2 moves, A fits the missing square, whether you allow stacking or the extra triangle is flipped off the figure.
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    So, LePuzzled1, do you have any feedback on this so far?
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