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Scalewizard product question

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    Here's a product that's supposed to prevent scale from forming on your taps etc. http://www.scalewizard.co.uk/howitworks.htm
    The explanation seems a bit woolly to me, e.g. " The electronic disturbance of these crystals stops build up of scale by preventing them from adhering to each other.". What is "electronic disturbance", and how does it persist after the calcium ions in solution (not crystals surely) have passed beyond the magic electrical coil?

    Do you think this works or is it a load of bull?
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    Well it seems to implicate altering the electronic/nuclei properties of calcium/scale through a magnetic field, so that its interaction with water is different. You might want to bring this up in one of the physics subforums, I may read into it later.
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    Calcium (II) ions are Calcium (II) ions. That product does nothing useful.

    There are numerous hints on that webpage that point to this being an unscientific scam. The scattered spelling errors, and the awkward grammar, should give you a clue. Or look at phrases like:

    "..the solubility of water..."

    "..changes the behavior of scale forming calcium..." (What behavior? Through what mechanism?)

    "..It uses modern technology to create an electrical field.." yet
    ".. The unit can be fitted on copper, plastic, steel or lead pipes." (You say these are electric signals? And you say I can fit them onto extremely conductive copper pipes? With no attenuation?)

    ".. The electronic disturbance of these crystals..." (dissolved ions are "crystals"?)

    "£89.00 ea." (for a coil of wire?)
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    Thanks, I suspected as much.
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    What are you actually trying to do? If your are trying to stop limescale in a combination boiler etc. then simply fit a BoilerBuddy


    It uses silicate polyphosphate and is totally effective. If you're trying to get limescale off of taps etc. then use Viakal.
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    If it were possible to buy a product that prevented limescale from forming on taps etc. in the first place and so saved me from using Viakal then I would buy it. It's not a question of what I'm trying to do, but what I'd like to do, were it possible.
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    There is...it's called a water softener!
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