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Schematics of cell phone jammer and small and simple walkie talkie

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    I want to make my own small and simple walkie talkie with a range of 2Km or more. I can't find a small and simple schematic of that. I also want to make a cell phone jammer which will also be simple and small. I have a small knowledge and experience about electronics so suggest me a circuit which I can make easily.
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    While the walkie-talkie aspect is okay, I believe that cell phone jammers are illegal in most places. I have therefore reported this as a bad post so that the moderators can judge it. No offense intended.
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    Most countries have regulations governing the use of the public airwaves. In the US, it is covered by FCC Part 15 rules. You cannot just build up a transmitter and start transmitting -- that is generally illegal, depending on the frequency band and the power involved.

    If you are interested in learning to build radios and RF devices, try building a low-power FM radio transmitter kit. They are designed to transmit only low power (range about 10 meters), so they are generally legal in most areas. If you want to transmit higher power, look at the 2.4GHZ ISM (microwave oven) band -- it generally allows longer range transmission still within legal limits. You still have to be careful how you design your transmitter though, to be sure you do not transmit energy outside of the permitted ISM band (like with harmonic issues).

    And, if you want to learn more general radio stuff, consider getting your HAM radio license. Once you have that license, you may transmit in many bands, and with quite long range. Your transmitters still have to conform to rules about out-of-band transmission and fidelity issues, but you have a great deal of freedom with the HAM license.

    Finally, making a cell phone jammer is most certainly illegal, depending on where you live. Consider the fact that many doctors and EMS workers get their pages via their cell phones. Do you really think it's such a good idea to jam their signals? What if the page is to help your loved one who is in the Emergency Department at the nearby Hostipal?

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