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Scissor Car Jack

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    I have been set a project where I need to modify a 2 tonne car jack. After evaluation, I ended up choosing a scissor car jack. I would be grateful if anyone would advise on how I can modify the car jack by making it more safe, efficient and decrease the cost.And what sort of calculations i need to take into consideration.

    Thank you in advance
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    You have been given this project as part of your education.
    You should not expect engineering consultants to do it for you.
    Start here.
    Will it fit under the car when the car has a flat?
    Is it stable on a flat base or will it fall with the car?

    Is the linkage geometry optimum?
    When you wind the handle, how hard is it to lift the car at different heights?

    The car must drive with it up every hill and accelerate every time, make it lighter.
    Can the weight of some components be reduced by changing cross section or adding holes?
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    I like this post.
    I guess the OP should look at functionality and effectiveness to his list of criteria!
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