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Searching for a 12v electronic switch

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    New to the site, looking for a little help.
    I'm trying to switch my motorcycle auxillary lights on and off using the flash to pass switch. I have a relay but only stays on when powered. Is there a switch I can put inline, or a switching relay that will work.
    Thank you
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    You could use a latching relay, which would stay on while there is power. That might not be a problem (the lights would stay on until you turn off the ignition, probably), or if you want to power it off in the mean time then you'd need an additional switch to interrupt the power to the latching relay.

    You could even use a triac, rather than a latching relay. It should achieve exactly the same result as the latching relay (compared with a setup without an interrupt switch to the coil - i.e. it would stay on, but should switch off with ignition off, assuming your lighting circuits are enabled by the ignition switch).

    If the power you are drawing to light the light is not switched off with key off, then you need an additional switch in any case.
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    Thank you, I'll look into both ways.
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