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Searching for skype- and msn-pals

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    Hi World!!!
    If you happen to use SKYPE or MSN-messenger, feel free to skype or msn me...both audio and video chat is possible!
    I'm a Russian living in Germany. I'd like to practice English with people from all over the globe...and you can also pick up some Russian and German if you wish to!
    My interests: science, mathematics, sports, world cultures, languages and computers.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Skype-name: symplectic_manifold; MSN-account: symplectic_manifold@msn.com
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    If you check out the members list (or who's online, or any individual member's profile), those who wish to IM with people here have the type of messenger and their username already posted for those interested in contacting them.

    To avoid having your email inbox filled with spam, I'd suggest you edit your post to remove your email address from here (it's not a good idea to post your email address on any forum where absolutely anyone can see it) and instead share it via PM with those interested.
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