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Seeking the truth behind existence of charge: An Intricasy

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    According to Klein Kaluza theory of fifth dimension (followed by string theory),
    there is an elecromagnetic dimension in which every particle of Universe (in Dirac Vacuum) perform translatory and rotational motion due to which they drag the e-m dimension. Thus if any two particles are placed quite distance apart due to spinning of both, they attract or repel each other depending on their spinning. If they've spins in same direction they repel each other and vice versa which is nothing but we can say it as charge.
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    I don't think so:

    1. If, spin is the reason of the "real charge", then why neutrinos don't have charge even they've spin.

    2. Photons also have spin but noc harge and also have a sinusoidally varying e-m field.

    3. Charge is not a relative quantity. Consider a condition- a light particle(A) is
    revolving around a heavy particle(B), B has a spin and same angular velocity
    as that of revolution of A. Now, from the respective of A, B isn't spinning,
    does it mean that from respective of A there's no chargeon B?
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