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Studying Self-studying basic chemistry?

  1. Sep 5, 2009 #1

    As the title should have implied, I am looking into the possibility of learning some basic chemistry on my own. My background in the subject is minimal, consisting primarily of the very little I've had in the earlier highschool grades -- and frankly, I have not the slightest of ideas on where to start.

    I therefore come asking for directions, suggestions for study materials and texts, and so forth. I have (expectedly..) knowledge in some basic calculus and physics (alas, no thermodynamics) that would likely suffice for studies at this level. I should probably mention that taking any formal courses, in whatever, is very much not feasible for me in the near future.

    Your advice would be much appreciated.
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    Why is this:
    Can you go to a community college to attend an introductory Chemistry class? Any reasonable learning at the beginning or introductory level needs laboratory activity.
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    I've also decided that I should probably learn some chemistry, being a major area of science and all. The only chemistry I've learnt was from high school and I didn't learn anything. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, rigorous introduction? (like how spivak's calculus is an introduction to calculus). I don't want some massive 1000 page textbook with tons of color pictures and boring exercises.
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