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Series parallel LC tank circuit Resonant Frequency equation?

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    How would I calculate a series-parallel LC circuit for resonance? I added up all the μH and pF for the equation, would that be correct? The inductors are in parallel, and the capacitors in series.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Can you post a drawing of the circuit, along with whatever is driving it?

    Inductors in parallel and capacitors in series do not add linearly...
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    You could look here:

    You will see that the total inductance of inductors in parallel is calculated by adding their reciprocals, and then taking the reciprocal of that, just like resistors.

    The capacitance of capacitors in series is calculated the same way
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    Here is the circuit. 1 element is 2 inductors and 2 capacitors, they are connected together
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