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Set theory proves that god does NOT exists! Or DOES exist!

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    As I have not received an answer for the post I submitted under the thread "Does the set theory prove that there is no God?" I decided to submit it here.
    Without having much knowledge of set theory, How exactly does the Set theory prove that there is no god?
    Thank you in advance for your kind replies. :smile:
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    If, and only if, you admit mathematical demostrations that there is no god, then yes, it proves that there is no god, in several ways, but of course, not completely, and doubtfull.
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    How exactly would you go about proving that God does not exist when God is said to be immeasurable. Only from the standpoint of absolute knowledge and understanding of everything in the universe and their relationships to one another would it be possible to "filter out" each part of the equation to be left with nothing. It seems that to disprove God you have to be God yourself.
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