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Why empirical science rules out a god.

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    are there people here who believe in a God?

    Personally I find it very funny that the arguments against a devine creator are often empirical evidence.

    people say that in reality it goes like this and that so there is no god.(quantum mechanics, ,special and general relativity theory and what not)

    they say for instance that everything came from nothing. Why does that mean there is no room for a creator?

    I have seen a lot of discussions on youtube about this topic and I think they do not listen to each other.

    what god means for example.

    why can't there be a modern god?

    Don't forget 99 percent of all people believe in a higher being.Are they all wrong?

    excuse my english. i hope this thread doesn't get locked.
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    Sorry, but we do not discuss religious questions on PF for many reasons.

    Thread closed.
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