Setting axis limits in MatLab

  1. Hi,
    I am plotting 3 graphs in matlab using plotyy as

    [ax h1 h2] = plotyy(x1,Ftemp,x2,Fsnow);
    hold(ax(2), 'on');
    h3 = plot(ax(2),x1,Fprec);

    I am thus adding the third graph to the right hand y-axis. I then set the limits and tickmarks for the right hand y axis as

    set(ax(2), 'xlim', [1999.5 2010.5]);
    set(ax(2), 'ylim', [0 50], 'YTick', 0:10:50);

    This however only sets the y-axis for h2, the graph I originally plotted using plotyy. The added graph h3 has its own tickmarks and limits. Does anyone know how to handle the axis of h3, the added graph? I want the tickmarks of h2 and h3 to sync and be in the same range.

    Thanks, Tim
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