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Several questions involving a homemade miniature jet engine.

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    Hey guys. I am new to engineering and I came to this because I wanted to make my own miniature jet engine. I have a limited knowledge of physic but I wish to broaden it through this idea.
    Now I know that this was made before for RC models, but I want to actually make one so I understand how they work, and I decided to start here.
    Here are my questions:
    1. How exactly does a typical jet engine compressor work?
    2. I believe there are several types of compressors used in jet engines. If I want to make one for a small sized engine, say, about 20cm wide and 50cm long, which type of compressor works best, and which factors define it?
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    Can anyone help?
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    Try googling "designs for model jet engines" there seems to be a lot of information out there.
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    5-minute jet engine
    anything beyond this is a matter of ingenuity, creativity, and tinkering (aka, engineering)
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