jet engine

  1. VTOL147

    VTOL Jet Engine Aircraft and VTOL Jet Engine

    I am thinking about VTOL jet engine aircrafts like the following example (an ambulance). To be able to buid that kind of aircraft VTOL jet engines are needed. At the moment there are no VTOL jet engines available, but I have my own proposal: I have questions to jet engine experts. Is my...
  2. FreeBob

    Chief Technologist - Servo / Mech R&D - retired - BSME

    BSME Missouri University of Science and Technology (was University of MO at Rolla) '78 Retired after 32 year career in disk drives Chief Technologist managed about 150 electrical, mechanical and computer science engineers developing servo mechanics for hard disk drives Two boys, one graduating...
  3. E

    B Warp jet?

    I was looking at videos on how a warp drive theoretically could work: by compressing space in front and expanding space in the back. This reminded me of a jet engine compressing air and blasting it out of a nozzle. My question is, could you build a sort of warp jet that would compress space...
  4. A

    Could you create thrust with water vapor?

    Whilst I was thinking of hydrogen combustion jet engines. I thought of a little idea... What if you could create thrust with water vapor the same way you could with the exhaust gas of a jet engine. (NOTE: I have no experience in engineering and I only have a mild interest in it). If this is...
  5. BoeingJet

    Railgun-Powered Ramjet Design

    Recently, I designed (in my head) a Hypervelocity Passenger Vehicle (just a cool name for really high speed transports). I immediately ran into engine design problems ( I like designing everything stand-alone), since regular jet engines can't get to Mach 8.8 without burning up into flames, and...
  6. A

    Why do Jet fighter pilots experience a greater G-force?

    Hi! I'm a high school student, aspiring to pursue a career in Astronautical Engineering. I always try and ponder on questions about everyday aerodynamics and physics. So, here's a question from you from an aspiring scholar. It is known that, at high velocities, pilots in super-sonic jet...
  7. G

    Practical measurements of ramjet engine

    Hello everyone I am trying to design a ramjet engine. For that I need measurements of its parts. Does anyone know how to calculate them or have a link to a website where I could find more information?
  8. Y

    Jet engine position

    Hello. Do you think the idea of placing the jet engine at the front is plausible? Why? Why not? Thanks Yrjosmiel