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Shaft end locking method

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    Dear all,
    A timing belt pulley is mounted upon a shaft from this drive is being transmitted.
    In the shaft lay out fixing shaft in the bearings,next putting key over the shaft,& mounting the pulley and this has to lock i.e.locknut with washer or any fastener in the shaft threaded centre hole.

    My question is which locking arrangement is the most preferable?Locknut(making thread in outer surface of the shaft putting lock washer & and put locknut & lastly fold the washer) or fastener lock in threaded centre hole.

    I seen that most lock nut arrangement is found in axial force coming members.& bearing pre load applications
    In fastener centre lock i found that quite common.
    Which above is most preferable ? any selection guidelines,sites?

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    Since you are using a belt and pulley, the speeds on this shaft will be relatively low. It is very difficult to suggest a design like this though without seeing what the entire layout is like. Whether you use a stretch/preload or torque the device depends highly on the loads and environment the shaft is experiencing. I have seen pulleys held on with c-rings in very low speed-low load situations. You have to make the decision as to what is best for your application. The keyway is what is going to be handling all of the torque load, so really, all you need to do is keep the pulley in place and the bearings happy.

    In general, I prefer to use lock nuts simply because they are the most flexible in my applications, we have a lot of history using them and they are easiest to obtain for a wide variety of designs. Companies like Whittet-Higgens and Taperline make very good bearing retention devices.

    I would suggest looking at sites for companies that make pulley systems and bearings too. Many times they have layout recommendations.
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