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Should I submit my commonapp?

  1. Dec 11, 2013 #1
    The commonapp, member questions and assign recommenders are all ready. Should I click on the submit button even though my teachers didn't finish the recommendation letters? This is commonapp.
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    What schools are you applying to? If the school makes recommendations a requirement for admission consideration I wouldn't. It's too risky and even though you may have excellent grades and test scores, why get denied, because of recommendations. Unless the admission deadline is today or tomorrow so you couldn't get any reccomendations period, I wouldn't.
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    I submitted my CommonApp to Purdue on August 1st (the day it opened) and my recommender got his recommendation in around August 20th. It worked fine for me..... You're only "submitting" the part you do. The school will wait to review it until your recommendation is in.

    Submit it!
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    Thank you, NextElement.
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