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Should I take grade 11 physics?

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    I've basically just finished grade 10 physics, I didn't find it all that hard. The problem also was that me and some of my classmates felt the teacher wasn't teaching that well, which made it a little harder to understand.

    Basically my questions is should I take it in grade 11, even though i'm not taking it in university.

    I just learned about vectors, scalars, displacement, velocity, acceleration ect.
    (For the people in different countries) this is the Canadian grade 10 physics cirriculum. Does the sutff that comes after this get harder?

    Thanks in advance
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    Of course it will get harder. Highschool physics was a joke and was algebra based, not calculus. Even if its easy, the more experience the better once you get to college.
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    I think it'd be a good subject to take, especially if you aren't taking mathematics.
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    It is normally the second time around with a subject that confort and a solid like or dislike comes out of the subject.

    The original poster asked if physics gets harder...well that would be a matter of interpretation. I wouldn't say it gets harder, nor would I say it gets easier, it just seems to continously add a little bit more information at a time, and coupled with your past experance it allows you to actually grasp the new information and play with it.

    Since you don't plan on studying the subject in university, I would say that is an excellent reason to take the course. It will solidify your decision, and will help you build both studying and problem solving habits which will aid you in university.
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    I have completed IB physics in Canada, and I can tell you that grade 10 physics is a joke. In the span of high school, things get a bit harder and a lot more interesting by the time you reach grade 12 physics. It still doesn’t get very mathematically rigorous until university, which should make it more interesting when you get to doing physics with calculus.

    I found grade 11 physics to be pretty dry for the most part, so don't base your opinion of physics on the grade 10 and 11 courses.
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    What do you plan on doing for a living
  8. Jan 11, 2007 #7
    Well thanks for responses guys!

    Ki Man - I plan to do something in biology.
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    Hmm not sure if High school physics will really tie into biology unless you go into biophys or something in that field. Whatever classes you feel will be most usefull to your future, take them
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    If you are a biology major, you will have to take some mechanics physics class at almost all colleges.
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