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Should I Withdraw?

  1. Dec 1, 2009 #1
    Should I Withdraw? Please Help!

    Hey guys,

    I'm taking an introductory computer programming course (I'm in first year) at a university. The first half of the term went very well, I was getting marks in the 90's. After that, I was going through some personal problems and I was also sick for a week with the flu, which caused my grade to suffer and I missed a lot of material.

    At my school, it is too late to withdraw from the course without it showing up on my transcript, but there is a possibility for a late withdrawal (I will have to meet with a counselor and explain my position to get permission for this). On my transcript, it will say LWD, standing for late withdrawal.

    If I don't get this late withdrawal, I might pass the class, but with a very bad mark. My question is, should I still get this late withdrawal? How will it look on my transcript in the future to grad. schools when I am going to a PhD in mathematics?

    For sure if I get the withdrawal I will retake the course next semester and definitely aim to ace it.
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    Re: Should I Withdraw? Please Help!

    It depends how your school counts late withdrawals in terms of mark averages. I think at my old school a late withdrawal would get counted as a 32%. In which case I'd shoot for the 50%.
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    Re: Should I Withdraw? Please Help!

    Oh yeah, on the website it says that there will be no effect on the GPA or anything.
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    Re: Should I Withdraw? Please Help!

    Is this a required or prerequisite course? If so, you may need to go for it. I can't comment on how grad schools look at a withdrawal, but the odds are quite high that an employer will never look at your transcript except to verify your resume after you are offered a job.

    You might also think about which class you will be sacrificing to make up this course in the future. Taking Calc I twice, for example, and finishing with Calc II is probably less impressive in almost all cases than getting a C in Calc I and As in Calc II and III.

    Oh, and go ask your dean of students for advice if you haven't. Do that asap. They may even have other options that you don't know about.
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    Re: Should I Withdraw? Please Help!

    It could be. I pick my subject-post next fall. If I pick the pure mathematics category, then this course will not be required for that degree. If I pick the applied mathematics category, then the course turns into a prerequisite. I am not sure which category I am going to pick yet, it is 50/50 between the pure and applied maths.

    I will be sacrificing taking introductory to computer science (CSC148), which will cause me not to be able to take enriched theory of computation (CSC240). I was really interested in the 240 course, but that may have to wait for the second year now instead.

    1) Still think I should go for the LWD?
    2) Maybe I am just trying to convince myself here, but surely a math grad. school won't care about a late withdrawal for a first year non-math course
  7. Dec 1, 2009 #6
    Re: Should I Withdraw? Please Help!

    I don't know enough about your situation to say that you should or shouldn't - just trying to give some information. I would talk to the dean of students and also to whoever teaches the 240 course to see if you might be able to take it with a LWD in 148. Just be sure you won't be set back a year on your degree if you don't have credit for the course. Your advisor is also a good person to keep in the loop if you have one. You could ask a math professor for an opinion if you don't have an advisor yet.

    This is all assuming, of course, that you're actually going to improve your marks in future courses :wink:.
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    Re: Should I Withdraw? Please Help!

    You can probably withdraw and then retake it later if you need it. I don't think that the LWD will disappear from your transcript, but your new grade should overwrite the effect (if any) on your GPA. That is, the new mark would replace whatever contribution the LWD made toward your GPA.

    Check what your school's policy is though. IMO, it would be better to have a LWD AND an 'A' replacing it then either just the LWD or a crappy grade. That way grad schools will at least see that you cared enough to re-take the course.

    But like I an others have said, you need to see what your school's policy is. Talk to an adviser ASAP.

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